Pascal Degrune 

Graduated in Illustration & sequential art from the Institute of Fine Arts Saint-Luc (Liège), Pascal took classes with master of drawing José Muñoz at AKDT in Libramont. After studying computer graphics at S.T.E./University of Liege he started freelancing for films. 

He has worked on numerous film projects, including The Fifth EstateThe ExpatriateBooks of Magic – adaptation project of Neil Gaiman’s comic book, on the Christian Dior advertising Dior, J’adore directed by photographer Nick Knight and interpreted by Charlize Theron. He worked as well on music videos, a theme park for Dubaï, and did the cinematic storyboards for the Nintendo game Battalion Wars. Since some years he’s working too in the show industry, making concept designs and storyboards on international shows created by world renewed former Cirque du Soleil director Franco Dragone

Pascal always dreamed to tell great stories in images. He like to imagine and create new worlds, pushing the boundaries of his imagination and bringing life and emotion in the projects he’s working on.

With about 15 years of experience in Visual Storytelling and Concept Design for films, games, advertisings and stage shows, he has worked on numerous film projects including Dreamworks’​ “The Fifth Estate”​, “The Expatriate”​ as well as the Christian Dior advertising “J’adore”​. From shooting a music video in Cuba, designing theme park shows for Dubaï and China to the cinematic storyboards for the Nintendo “Battalion Wars”​ game. With stories at the core of his work, he’s currently developing his directing and writing skills on personal projects. He studied acting and actors directing at Beatriz Flores Silva’ workshop.

As a multidisciplinary artist, and in another life, he’s also a jazz musician and learned acting during 3 years at the Centre Antoine Vitez in Liège. He taught storyboard and visual storytelling at Brussels SAE Institute and 3D high school Supinfocom in Valencienne (France).

He currently works as freelance Story & Concept Artist for films and shows as well as Film Director.

Spécialisations : Concept Design, Key Illustrations, Screenwriting, Storyboards, Previz, Music video, Production Design, Story Development, Visual Storytelling, both traditional & digital techniques …